Dr. Daniel Warren Levine, MD

Dr. Daniel Warren Levine, MD

Obstetrician / Gynecologist (OBGYN)

28 Years of Experience


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    Yay I'm pregnant

    Dr. levine,Courtney and the staff are awesome. You can tell they really cares about their patients. He also does follow up personally when needed. He called me to check up on me after I had a scare with my pregnancy. I would recommend him/her to anyone needing an infertility doctor.
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    Finally a baby

    I have cycled multiple time with Dr. Levine and finally we have achieved our bundle of joy!! We are very grateful to Dr. Levine and his Staff.
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    Could be better, could be worse...

    First off, I love Dr. Levine and I thank him for helping us to create our first son, our miracle child. Now, we are onto number 2 and it's becoming a struggle. Dr. Levine and his staff have been nothing but friendly. The nurses, Jodie, Barbara and Maryanne are very reassuring, friendly and knowledgeable. I always feel like I am getting exactly what I need to hear from them. Helene is a little rough for me, very short and doesn't answer questions. I feel like my appointments with her leave me hanging and well, crying in my car when I leave. Infertility is a struggle emotionally and physically and if you haven't been there, you don't understand. I prefer to see anybody else when I go in. Dr. Levine is great. He throws some humor into an otherwise difficult situation and is very case and point. I like the lack of sugar coating so I don't get my hopes too high while also knowing there is a great chance of achieving pregnancy. Keep doing what you are doing, you make many people happy (including us!) Lastly, the front desk staff, they are second to none. They are always friendly and fit me right in when I need to come in!!!
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    Professional, Private, and Courteous

    Dr Levine, his nurses, and receptionists are very professional, respect your privacy, and are always kind and courteous.
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    Excellent Experience

    Hello all my name is Shanequa on 1/24/2013 my spouse Elise and I had a IVF procedure done. I am currently 3months pregnant with my very first child. For over 10 years I have researched and study in vitro but never went forward with it. In late 2011 I looked up Hudson Valley fertility and researched Dr. D. Levine medical history i was very impressed so I scheduled an appointment. To my surprise he did the consultation and not a stand in like most clinics. Dr. Levine has made me feel very comfortable from day one and has taken much care and concern into helping me. The staff there are great Ms. Barbra, Jody, Melissa to name a few. I would refer Hudson Valley to anyone without a doubt. I love and respect u guys thanks so much
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    I love dr Levine and his office staff!!!

    Dr Levine and his office staff are very honest workers and that's very hard to find in the medical field! Everyone is highly respectful and they handle various situations in timely manners! I have no complaints about this office!! results are quick, effective and accurate and I am excited to raise my baby :) thank you doctor Levine and your office staff! I look forward to sending you referrals!
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    Excellent care

    Was patient and explained our treatment options in detail. Very caring and compassionate.
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    Great physician and staff

    there really are not enough words to say how I feel about Dr. Levine (and his staff,too). I'd gone to see him after trying for two years to get pregnant. He talked to me about my feelings as well as my options. I can gratefully say that we are now the proud parents of twin boys. We always stop in to see them when we're in the area, they're like family. If you need a Dr.,please, go see Dr. Levine, he really is the best!

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