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    Happy Happy

    Three months and 7 days after my tummy tuck. Dr. "G" Giraldo and all his staff are so completely amazing. Brittany and Stephanie and the other gorgeous ladies made me feel at home. I've never felt more comfortable and greeted with a positive attitude and with smiles. Dr G is a very knowledgeable, thorough, patient doctor. From consultation, to pre-op, to surgery they are the best.
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    Life-changing experience - every woman over 40 can achieve amazing results.

    I needed a hiney refresher as I'm turning 59 soon. I opted for some aqua-lipo and a BBL . . . never thought I would want a bubble bottom but it turned out just right! The results far exceeded any expectations or hopes I had prior to meeting with Dr. Mauricio Giraldo. He is kind, patient, and encouraging. He never made me feel like I needed to fix anything but rather told me what he could do to address what I thought I needed. His staff is so wonderful and genuinely attentive as well.
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    Caring and genuine.

    I must say that Dr. Giraldo is a very knowledgeable & patient doctor; he’s basically an alchemist when it comes to cosmetic surgery. My personal experience with him has been great, both with my initial procedure and follow ups. The thing I like most about him is that he’s very honest. If you’re not a good candidate for surgery due to your medical history, BMI, etc.. he’s going to tell you. Not only that, he will help you reach your goal(s) so that you can become a good candidate for your desired surgery. His integrity and professionalism is unmatched; that’s why I can trust him. Knowing that he’s not in his profession just for the monetary gain, but because he has a profound passion for what he does, I would highly recommend him.
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    It was a great experience.

    Dr. Giraldo and staff are absolutely amazing! I had lipo done somewhere else, and it was not what I expected. Dr. G had to do revision surgery, and the result is honestly beyond my expectations. He also did a BBL. I recovered sooner then I expected. I am so happy with my results! ❤️ I will definitely recommend him.
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    Excellent in every way!

    I love Dr Giraldo! My results are better than I even hoped. He answered all of my questions and instilled complete confidence in his work. His techniques are advanced and his experience and background are unparalleled. I couldn’t be happier and will recommend to all my friends
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    Exceptional Results!

    Dr. Giraldo is absolutely amazing at what he does. He explains everything thoroughly, answers any questions, is very honest, takes his time with you and makes you feel extremely comfortable. I did my research on Dr. Giraldo and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon. His staff is extremely attentive and I am more than pleased with the surgery, recovery process as well as final results. Dr. Giraldo definitively exceeded my expectations.
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    My boobs look awesome

    Dr. Giraldo did an awesome job with my breast augmentation. I get so many compliments on them. I had basically no boobs before the surgery and they look so natural, people who didnt know me before the surgery have no idea that they're fake.
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    Exceeded my expectations!

    Dr. Giraldo provided me the confidence and trust to decide to move forward with my breast augmentation that I was dreaming about for years, but I was so afraid of due to possible complications and risks. Before, during and after this procedure I could not have asked for a better team to make me feel cared for, pamper me and be with me through the highs and lows of this process. I am so happy with the results, I love to go shopping now and I love the way I look! My confidence level is 100% higher :) Thank you Dr. Giraldo and Medilaser Team for this wonderful experience!
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    Tummy Tuck

    I am a 43 year old mother of four children. I am a doctor from Brazil living with my family in Texas in support of my husband's studies here. After I had my children, my body changed a lot which left me not very happy with myself. I always had the desire to do an abdominoplasty with liposuction and dreamed of having my 20 year old body back. In Brazil, we have excellent plastic surgeons. I consulted with a few surgeons an even a had preoperative exams. But as doctor knowing the real risks of general anesthesia surgery, I became hesitant. Therefore, I always put off surgery until one day, a friend told me about Dr. Mauricio Giraldo. I asked her to make an appointment for me. I was in Brazil to work and when I arrived the next day I went to the consultation. I confess that I was thinking that it was one more query like the others and that I would become insecure and give up again. But when I met Dr. Mauricio, I felt very safe. He talked a lot with me, answered my questions in a clear and sincere way, was very professional and at the same time human and considerate. Then he surprised me even more when he said that every surgery could be done with local anesthesia, thus greatly reducing the risks of some complications during and after surgery. I left the consultation deciding to do the surgery, and I say that was the best decision. Dr. Mauricio has blessed hands, and I can say that my result was much better than if I had opted for surgery in Brazil. I did not feel anything during the procedure, and postoperatively I received a lot of care and attention from him and his team. Everything went smoothly. I'm very happy with my new body. It seems like I'm dreaming when I look in the mirror. I just have to thank Dr. Mauricio and his team. I recommend to all women who wish to have plastic surgery safely that they make an appointment to meet Dr. Mauricio since he is a very competent and humane doctor. You are sure to love the result.
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    Una muy buena experiencia

    Antes de la ciruguia tenia baja autoestima y ahora mi vida a mejorado drasticamente. EL Dr. Girlado es muy bueno y lo recomiendo porque el vela por el bienestar del paciente y no por el dinero. Desde la primera consulta el Dr. Giraldo me ha hecho sentir comoda y al 100% puedo confiar en el.
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    No more wrinkles!! :)

    A month ago I had Xeomin for the very first time. It is amazing, all of my forehead lines are gone and the wrinkles around my eyes are faded. I feel 5 years younger. I love Dr. Giraldo's technique, he does not leave you with an overdone look and crazy eye brows screaming plastic surgery, but he gives you a perfect natural younger look. I cannot express how happy I am. I totally recommend him. Dr. Giraldo is very professional and patient.
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    Amazing results after procedure. Able to drive and do my daily activities now!

    I was nervous at first phlebectomy. I had a consult in 2007 with another physician but never did the procedure. After meeting Dr Giraldo I felt very comfortable with him and I'm so glad I had it done. He used local anesthesia so I was alert, able to drive myself home and do my daily tasks. The staff is nice, attentive and professional. The staff and doctor make sure that the patient comes first! It is nice not having to go to a hospital. I felt so much more relaxed and comfortable. I'm looking forward to having cosmetic procedures in the future with Dr Giraldo
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    I don't think I could be happier with the results of my procedure. There is nothing I would change.

    I had pondered forever to do a few adjustments to my body but always talked myself out of it. I felt I was being vain and shallow until finally one day a friend brought me with her to her appointment with Dr. Giraldo. we spoke casually about some of my concerns. He validated everything I was feeling and made me feel confident that I was not alone. I had a consultation and wanted to move forward with a liposuction and fat transfer to the breast. I was too afraid and waited more than a year thinking about the procedure before asking for another consultation with Dr. Giraldo. Finally, I went through with the surgery and I cannot be happier with my results. Before, during and after the surgery was an excellent experience. Dr. Giraldo is so professional and his staff as well. I asked a million questions and they always answered every single one of them with kindness and understanding. I would refer anyone to this office knowing they will receive the best and warmest treatment possible. I have returned for botox and lip injections which I am extremely content with. After seeing so many of my friends surgeries I was sure I didn't want to move forward with breast implants/liposuction/botox and lip injections. I didn't want that fake breast implant look or scary botox look. I wanted to look natural. The only thing I wish more than anything...is that I wouldn't have been so afraid and waited so long to have Dr. Giraldo do my procedure. I am so happy. I love my body now. If there is one thing I could say to someone thinking about any type of cosmetic surgery is to not wait and DO not be afraid, Do it today and don't look back. You will absolutely love your results.
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    Very satisfied patient since 2013

    Have been a patient since 2013, very professional staff and Doctor. Would highly recommend.
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    perfect surgeon

    i am a very picky person and a perfectionist...it took me a year to find perfect surgeon like Dr. Giraldo..i can bet you cannot find better surgeon than him. i love his work..he gave me body i been dreaming all my life. He explained me everything really well before surgery and answered all my questions very patiently. before and after surgery him and his staff were very helpful and always available. they made the whole process very easy for me....i got aqualiop and fat transfer to my butt ....i dint get a single stich and there are barely any scars on my body from the surgery.. hes the only surgeon i would highly recommend to my family and friends. 3 of my friends are already scheduled with him after seeing my results...in the end all i can say is i am very satisfied patient and Dr Giraldo is AWESOME AWESOME
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    Life changing results!

    Can't believe how great I look, truly a miracle. Everyone at the office was phenomenal, and Dr. Giraldo is a true artist. I went from an abdominal area I couldn't ever hide even in a Muumuu Dress to wearing a bikini! I will forever be grateful, and the best part was how QUICKLY I recovered, and with minimal discomfort. LOVE the decision I made!
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    I got a LIPO and a BBL, and the experience was great!

    I got a LIPO and a BBL and the experience was great! The staff was always friendly and welcomed me by my name every time! The doctor is truly caring, patient, and an artist when it comes to this type of work.
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    Excellent service and post-op care!

    My experience with Dr. Giraldo was excellent. I searched a long time for a doctor that I would be comfortable with and I'm so glad I chose him. The service was top notch and I was very satisfied with the doctor's knowledge and expertise. The information he provided during my initial consultation made me very comfortable going in for the procedure and everything went just as he had described. I am also very happy that he monitored my progress post-op up to 1 year.
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    After pregnancy and having an c-section, i was very insecure about my body. Mainly, my stomach. I knew from my first consultation visit that he would be the doctor to change my life! Dr Giraldo gave me my dream body remoiving my access skin, shaping and sculpting my body just as i imagined! I was really nervous about having my surgery, Dr Giraldo and his staff made the process much easier, they made me feel safe and very welcomed. Before surgery Dr. Giraldo made sure i was very aware and informed about my surgery and i can not thank him enough for making me feel beautiful again!! I am beyond happy with my results and i highly recommend Dr. Giraldo to everyone!!
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    Exceptional experience with Dr. Giraldo

    This could not have been a better experience. The procedure was very well explained and the results are amazing. I have suggested Dr. Giraldo to friends and neighbors and they have experienced the same terrific results.
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    True Life Saver

    I was beyond impressed with my experience at Doctor Giraldo's office. My first visit with Doctor Giraldo I was completely blown away by how helpful and kind he was. His staff was extremely helpful and answered all my questions. The day of my consultation I felt so comfortable that I scheduled my appointment for liposuction. There was never an issue with scheduling or talking to a staff member. The day of my surgery I felt so happy and comfortable for new beginnings. I couldn't be happier with the results only three weeks out from my surgical date. With time it will only get better. I have done my research on other cosmetic surgeons, but TRULY Doctor Mauricio Giraldo is the BEST.
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    Best Experience ever

    I couldn't be more happy about the results. Dr. Giraldo and staff are very professional. I love my new body and the most important it looks natural.
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    Best in town

    I saw Dr Giraldo with complaints of sun damage, skin discoloration, and mild acne scars on my face. He treated me with one chemical peel and with the use of the Giraldo MD products my skin was back to baby smooth and no more signs of any discoloration or sun damage. I was so happy with my results and the way he connected with me on a more personal level than most doctors care about, I returned promptly for more treatments. I received xeomin for my wrinkles in my forehead and crowsfeet and had laser hair removal for my stubborn underarm hairs. Being a patient at Medilaser has been the most pleasant experience!
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    Quick and painless mole removal

    Dr. Giraldo removed several moles that had bothered me for years. He explained how easy the procedure would be and urged me to make the appointment (knowing I'd procrastinate! LOL!) I'm glad he did. They're all GONE. Quick and painlessly.
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    Amazing! Very pleased!

    Five stars all around!
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    Excellent Experience - I highly recommend Dr. Giraldo!

    Dr. Giraldo is an extremely knowledgeable and caring doctor. He is very attentive to each patient's needs with a conservative approach keeping your overall mental and physical health as a priority. He and his staff went out of his way to assure me of the best medical attention possible.
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    Love it

    Love it.
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    I love it

    I love it. Dr Giraldo and all staff is great and results are just amazing.
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    I'm so happy with my results

    I'm so happy to be free of varicose veins and so lucky that I found Dr. Giraldo who is the best Doctor to solve my medical issues. I highly recommend him to any one who has varicose veins or any type of skin problems. He is so professional, has years of experience in cosmetic surgery, he is friendly and offers affordable prices. His staff are also professional and friendly, they work with you all the time.
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    Desde el primer momento de la cita fue una experiencia maravillosa, con muy bello trato de Andrea y la experiencia con el Dr. Giraldo fue muy encantadora, muy cortes y explicaciones a mis solicitudes fueron cubiertas muy bien. Fue una experiencia encantadora. Muchas gracias. Very pleased From the first moment of the event was a wonderful experience, very beautiful Andrea treatment and the experience with Dr. Giraldo was very lovely, very polite and explanations to my requests were covered very well. It was a lovely experience. Thank you very much.
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    Dr Giraldo is the Best!

    I travel from California to see him. The best doctor I have ever had for facial cosmetic treatments and maintenance. He is the only doctor I will allow to treat my face.
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    Just experienced the Thermirf

    Just experienced the treatment; very comfortable during treatment and already see results! Highly recommend it! Dr Giraldo and his Staff ensure the entire procedure is described and you are prepared for your treatment. During the treatment they ensure you are comfortable and as a physician he personalizes the treatment for the specific outcome you desire.
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    Love my Results

    The staff is exceptional! My result are amazing and natural!
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    For a patients who needs to have their legs to work

    A los paciente que necesiten contar con sus piernas para trabajar. Con el Dr. MAuricioi Giraldo he econtrando un mundo de confianza y de experiencia que se reflejan en las diferentes etapas del pocedimiento. En el caso mio tomo ano y medio, pero los resultados fueron excelentes. Por eso les doy un A+, el Staff brinda calidad humana y uno se siente como en su casa. Le quiero agradecer por el trabajo que hicieron y por aceptar el HMO seguro de BCBS de Texas. Yo trabajo de Security y necesito muchas veces caminar para desempenar mis labores es importante tener mis pernas sanas. El Dr. Mauricio logro desaparaecer todo el dolor que tenia y por eso estoy muy agradecido. Les recomiendo a todos los pacientes no solo por la parte estetica sino tambien por el dolor que causa las venas varicosas venir a Medilaser en Frisco Texas. Dr. Mauricio Giraldo I encounter a world of trust and experience are reflected in the different stages of procedure. In case volume mio year and a half, but the results were excellent. So I give them an A +, the Staff provides human quality and it feels like home. I want to thank for the work they did and accept the insurance HMO BCBS of Texas. Job Security and often need to perform my duties walking is important to my health. Dr. Mauricio achievement disappear all the pain I had and for that I am grateful. I encourage all patients not only for the aesthetics but also the pain of varicose veins come Medilaser in Frisco Texas.
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    Que me encanto aver conocido al doctor mauricio despues de aver tenido otras cirugias con otros cirujanos.

    Que me encanto aver conocido al doctor mauricio despues de aver tenido otras cirugias con otros cirujanos. Estoy muy contenta con micuerpo despues de la cirugia que me hizo este grandioso cirujano.

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