Dr. Jamie R Wiseman, MD

Dr. Jamie R Wiseman, MD

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    Finding this practice was a miracle!

    After I gave birth to my 4th child, I was left feeling extremely lethargic, depressed and I could not lose the baby weight no matter what I did. When the symptoms did not subside as the years went by, I began to seek treatment. I went to three other doctors, who were dismissive and wrote me prescriptions for antidepressants. By the time I found Dr. Wiseman and her amazing practice, I was at my wit's end. She was the first doctor who actually listened to what I was experiencing and ordered the tests necessary to confirm her suspicions. After 6 months of treatment, I am FINALLY feeling like my old self again AND I've lost half the old baby weight that had been hanging on for four years. To say that I am grateful is an understatement! Give Dr. Wiseman and Cibolo Family Medicine and change and you will not regret it!
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    Comfortable, friendly setting with genuine, knowledgeable staff

    What a delightful experience to walk in to Cibolo Family Practice! You may sit comfortably and wait, but probably only if you are early to your appointment. Wait times are almost non-existent in a place where the focus is on YOU, the patient. Since costs are covered by our monthly membership, we are not herded through like cattle. We enjoy a pleasant, relaxed conversation with our doctor or our life-style health coach. Most in-office procedures are covered by the monthly membership. No more paying for every aspirin or band-aid! Blood tests can be done in the office at a significantly-reduced rate. We have chosen to set up all the employees in our small business. Even though some of them have other insurance, they find the accessibility of the Cibolo doctors and ease of making appointments, are an appreciated perk. If you want to book a consultation (FREE!), you can get a feel for the office and the doctors. It is so nice to have a mutually-respectful relationship with our doctor!
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    I love the care my Dr. provides

    Thank you Dr. Wiseman for taking the time to address my medical needs. It makes me feel good knowing I have a doctor I can trust.
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    Personal care above beyond any healthcare experience me and my family have ever had

    My family was introduced to Cibolo Family Medicine from a dear friend. After our initial consult we determined it would be perfect fit for us. Dr. Wiseman's personal approach to our individual healthcare needs, is the exact thing that is lacking in the industry, and contrary to the "doc in a box" we were accustom to. Thank Cibolo Family Medicine for your great service to my family. Sincerely,Shawn Baird
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    Very proficient and accommodating office.

    Dr. Wiseman was very sweet and listened to our issues and took care of us.

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