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Dr. Paul F. Ryan, LAC

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    I recently visited Dr. Paul Ryan, an acupuncturist. As I was very skeptical, Dr. Ryan quickly put me at ease about his procedures. He has a very relaxed demeanor and not at all pushy. I agreed to try it out. Before this, I had already used heat packs, ointments and even pain management injections. After just three sessions, I was getting more relief in my back than ever before. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ryan for anyone considering this type of treatment.
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    My treatments with Paul were transformational

    Prior to my first treatment I had been taking OTC and prescription medications daily to manage my allergy symptoms. This went on for nearly 20 years.. Although I had consulted with my medical doctor, several allergists and an herbalist, the only way to I was able to get any relief was with medication and that was not always successful. After my first treatment with Paul I stopped taking the meds and have not taken any since. Go see him now!
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    Experienced acupuncturist+alternative treatments

    I saw Paul several years ago while visiting my son in New York City. I was in need of continuing my acupuncture while traveling there after a car accident. I have been receiving acupuncture for nearly 40 years, and Paul is the most impressive acupuncturist I have ever experienced. All of the treatments he learned in China provided great relief to me. On return trips to NYC I always scheduled appointments with him. After Covid, I hope to return to NYC and receive treatments again.
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    Educational, helpful, and extremely peaceful experience.

    Paul has helped treat my anxiety, depression, and various bodily pains over the span of a year. My anxiety and depression are much better handled now, compared to before I saw him. Very helpful and listens to you well. Paul will tell you why he’s treating you the way he is, just make sure you tell him every little painful spot so he can treat you the best way possible.
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    Dr Paul provides genuine caring and thorough care.

    Dr. Paul is our go to for so many reasons. He has been treated my 7 yo son for impulsivity, eczema on his hands, and more recently molluscum. We as well as his teachers saw an improvement in his focus in school and ability to self regulate. After one treatment the eczema was cleared and has not returned over a year later. My son enjoys his cupping treatments. Mr Paul explains everything before he does it and creates a calm experience. My son removes his own needles and Mr Paul honors any hesitation my son shares. When I tested positive for COVID, Dr Paul prescribed a number of herbs and supplements that kept the progression and symptoms to a very minimum. I experienced a runny nose for 20 minutes, a slight headache for a few hours, a fever of 99 for 3 hours and 1 digestive episode. As new symptoms appeared he adjusted my course of treatment. I believe this was the reason for the mild experience. After my 3rd day I was symptom free with no residual effect. I strongly recommend Paul.
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    Very knowledgable and highly effective treatment

    I went to Dr Ryan for a tight jaw, tight shoulder muscles and tight hip flexors. Really amazing how well and quickly his treatment took to providing relief, flexibility and blood flow. He also gave me a lot of practical advice which helped alleviate and prevent some of the issues from occurring in the first place.
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    Totally Recommend!

    Dr. Paul is amazing totally recommend.
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    Thoughtful and mindful for condition and symptoms

    Paul is very thoughtful and skilled in his work. I was suffering from loss of smell and taste due to COVID and within 3 days of initial appointment my symptoms had lifted.
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    I felt cared for by a competent, skilled practioner

    Paul is professional, personable, and compassionate in his care...
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    Dr. Paul Ryan was extremely knowledgable and attentive and helped me a lot in isolating my physical challenges and put me on a protocol that has me feeling infinitely better.

    I found Dr. Ryan to be an exceptionally knowledgeable and creative practitioner. Clearly very tuned into the individual, not working with a prescribed "protocol." I look forward to continue working with him in elevating my health.
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    Impactful, Extremely Helpful, Clear, Confident, Caring+Genuine

    Dr. Paul has helped me find a happy place in life again. Not only did his depth of knowledge, breath of treatments and confidence in my healing to a full recovery give me hope, his experience and wisdom stemming from years and years of experience in many areas in Eastern medicine provided faith and acted as a new route (the right route) of healing for me. Getting to the root of the problem and resolving it (rather than covering it up with meds) was the only way for me. I would urge you, don't choose this doctor because of a review that says he's worked on "exactly what you have". Nobody is the same. BUT, choose this doctor because he's honest and genuine, he can do many many things, and if he cant help, he will tell you. Honestly, his work seems like miracles. You're worth it, this doctor is worth it. I struggled with an invisible, complex and painful post concussive syndrome. Head pain/migrane, neck pain, vestibular issues, vertigo, depression +other emotions, fatigue, fear.
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    Dr. Paul Ryan is a Profound Acupuncturist and Healer

    Dr. Ryan is simple the best acupuncturist I have ever been to. He's totally focused, deeply knowledgeable, and magically healing. I give him my highest recommendation as his sessions are literally life changing - pain that persisted is gone; maladies that vexed me dissolve; he knows what he is doing and dedicates his life to serving his patients.
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    An acupuncturist I deeply trust and works on my real underlying issues

    I’ve been seeing Dr. Ryan on and off since 2016 for various musculoskeletal, digestion issues and stress reduction. His integrated diagnosis has been accurate and treatments effective. His willingness to coordinate care with my other providers is refreshing in our disintegrated medical system. He’s knowledgeable, explains clearly the Chinese and western medicine nature of my problems and treatment his approach. He never rushes the appointment. I’ve recommended many friends and family members to him over the years and feel fortunate to be under his care.
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    I highly recommend Dr. Ryan's skill & knowledge

    I've been seeing Dr. Ryan for pain due to spinal stenosis in my lower back, hip, and legs and range of motion/pain from a dislocated shoulder. Due to congenital problems I have had numerous leg and hip surgeries. Dec. 2021 an episode of back/hip/leg pain was intense and didn't improve w/conventional care. Feb. 2022, I dislocated my shoulder and after being put back I suffered w/limited movement and severe pain. Dr. Ryan's acupuncture restored the range of motion to my shoulder and eliminated the disabling pain in my back and hip. Now we’re working on the burning pain from the stenosis in my legs and making progress. Dr. Ryan's expertise offers an integrative treatment approach. He clearly explains what he will do and why it's needed. His vast knowledge of his field gives me confidence that my pain will be resolved in a natural and non-invasive manner. I highly recommend Dr. Ryan. He is knowledgeable, professional, and deeply cares for the well-being of his patients.
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    Paul is a caring caregiver.

    He relieved all my back issues.
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    Dr. Ryan at East-West Integrated Wellness has literally turned my life around.

    Gratitude! East-West Integrated Wellness and Dr. Paul Ryan have lead me to a more balanced life. Through acupuncture, the application of natural herbs and other Chinese modalities Paul has designed a path forward that has empowered new perspectives for me. Learning about meditation, applying and the power of taking time to invest in my well-being has been invaluable. Paul has taught me how to make positive choices in response to life challenges. So, each time I depart Paul’s office I feel a great sense of gratitude. Thank you, Paul!
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    Highest level treatment with heart

    Paul is not the average local acupuncturist. He is exceptional. Paul spent almost two decades living, studying and practicing in China. His breadth and depth of knowledge of Chinese medicine and the culture and context in which it evolved, is at a very high level, rarely found. He listens to the patient’s body physically, internally and emotionally to sense what is happening very carefully. His treatment integrates all these aspects and more, treating the whole of the patient. Paul’s kindness and open heart brings a gentleness to the care of his patients that binds all the aspects of his Chinese medicine expertise to yield the best results. Needless to say, I highly recommend Paul and consider myself fortunate to be in his care.
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    I have received excellent, effective care from Dr. Ryan and feel much improved

    Dr Ryan combines his depth of knowledge with great care and compassion. I've always felt seen, heard, and understood. I was recommended to Dr. Ryan by a TMJ specialist. Not only has Dr. Ryan helped me to almost entirely clear significant pain and the tension that caused it, he's also helped me with other less acute issues. Dr. Ryan spends time with me at the beginning of each session checking in so that he can ascertain which treatment is right for me in that moment. I'm very grateful for his thoughtfulness and care.
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    Dr. Ryan is incredible!! He has really helped my anxiety and mood difficulties.

    I initially saw Dr. Ryan to address my fertility. However, sessions with him soon began to really help and address my long-standing issues with anxiety and depression in a profound way. He was also instrumental in helping me to deal with Covid-19 symptoms after I got sick. Dr. Ryan is knowledgeable, kind and patient -- holistic treatment has undeniably helped me. I highly recommend him!!
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    Trust inspiring and life changing.

    I first saw Dr. Paul Ryan in 2016 after undergoing conventional treatments for sciatic nerve pain. I consider myself extremely lucky to have found such a caring, generous, and knowledgeable practitioner to help me manage what at one point was an excruciating pain. Paul is professional and meticulous. Always treats me with respect and kindness. He always answers my questions fully and clearly. The intake interview is hands down the most thorough and complete that I have ever had. That interview was the beginning of a great experience that is still ongoing. Presently I receive care from Paul monthly and I find myself looking forward to this visits. He expertly finds the ailing spots on my 71-years-old body and makes them better! His approach is one where the connection of body and mind is ever present. He has magical hands for healing, a welcoming smile and a kind heart. Over the past several years his ability to heal has comforted me in stressful and emotionally challenging times.
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    Amazing care post-covid

    I had a mild COVID infection in 12/2020 and suffered post acute sequela of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC) Long-Hauler Syndrome for six months prior to seeing Dr. Ryan. I was suffering from ME/CFS (myalgic encephalomyelitis) a.k.a chronic fatigue syndrome, dizziness , shortness of breath and heart palpitations that worsened after physical and mental exertion (post-exertional malaise). This made work and exercise very difficult. After a month of acupuncture, manual therapy and Chinese herbal medicine treatments, the improvements were so significant that I felt close to being fully recovered. With another month of subsequent treatment I was back to normal ready to try for our first child. Dr. Ryan took time to listen to my concerns and to fully understand the different aspects of my lifestyle. He individualize my care in a way that provided a practical and effective way out of my condition. I would highly recommend Dr Ryan to anyone struggling with symptoms related to Long-Hauler Syndrome.
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    I always leave feeling so much more relaxed and aligned

    I always leave a session with Paul feeling more comfortable in my body and healed on a wholistic deep level. He combines many modalities of healing in a session like acupuncture, manual massage and cupping to resolve a combination of health issues. My mom and I have poly cystic kidney disease as well as back pain and Paul has helped us both with our symptoms.

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