Dr. Susan S Malley, MD

Dr. Susan S Malley, MD

Obstetrician / Gynecologist (OBGYN)

29 Years of Experience


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    Best Gyn Experience

    Referred to Dr. Malley by a colleague, who promised me that the Pap wouldnt hurt. She was right; best gyn experience ever!
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    Horrible experiences

    I do NOT recommend this doctor at all. She's a nice lady and I'm sure she means well but her comments are very intrusive. She had a student observing her once and the student asked her "how will she (me-the patient) avoid std's since she's on birth control?" And Dr. Malley replied "oh eww she knows she will always use condoms because she doesn't want to get one of the dirty gross std's" ... So yes, the doctor meant well but I was actually offended by that comment. Not only that but the women in her office are extremely rude and just seem like they don't want to be bothered. I never felt welcome by them and I won't return to this doctor again. ---The office staff called me on the phone and read me someone else's test results and told me I had tested positive for herpes type 1 and 2. I went 6 months thinking I had herpes and I even told my boyfriend at the time. He broke up with me and I was ready to take my own life. At my next appointment is when the incident happen that I described above! Dr. Malley's response is what alerted me to demand my test results. Once I got them I saw that I did not test positive and I called her to confirm then. I still have the voicemails of her apologizing over and over. Because she knew the office messed up. That messed with me so bad. I started going to therapy. I realize humans make mistakes. Dr. Malley meant well but at the end of the day she's running a business and my experience there was absolutely horrible. What's even more scary is that someone who really does have herpes is running around thinking she doesn't as she was read my results.
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    Would not return my call

    I was a patient of Dr. Malley for about a year, but had to leave and seek another gynecologist. I was referred to her by a surgeon following the surgical removal of my ovaries due to endometriosis. As far as spending time with me when I had an appointment, she was great. However, I sought her assistance with hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and had problems with the first medication she prescribed. She would not return my calls but rather had her nurse (Lori) call me and tell me that I had t...
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    found my new physician

    I just met Dr. Malley and felt like she's been my family physician for years. She took alot of time to get to know me and my family's medical history. I didn't feel rushed, I had all my questions asked, and we laughed alot with her nurse, during the actual exam. She is very articulate and warm, and sent me home with two articles to read.
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    Ms. Kelly McMahon

    I felt so comfortable with Dr. Malley and her staff from the first moment I walked in. She spent at least 30 min with me, making an appointment for me with the radiologist to help me get to the next step. She reminds me of the kind of physician my parents used to describe. I would hightly recommend her for both her kindness and her intelligence.

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