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    Very skilled and caring surgeon.

    After meeting several orthopedic surgeons, I decided on Dr. Dodgin. I was operated on at Westlake hospital. The care was excellent with very attentive nurses who responded quickly to my buzzer. I believe the movement and ice machines facilitated my recovery. My sister stayed with me for a a little less than a week. The home health care was excellent. At every interaction with Dr. Dodgin, his PA, Ryan, I felt their attention and care was on me. For personal care I recommend Dr. Dodgin enthusiastically.
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    Did my research

    I took some time finding an orthopedic surgeon I could trust. I asked around the hospital to discern who had the best outcomes, whose patients seemed the best cared-for, and who the nurses thought did the best job. It was a toss-up, and I selected Dr. Dodgin over one of his associates I couldn't be happier. He treated me like a whole person not just a body part. He explained everything to my satisfaction and was realistic in his advice.
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    bilateral hip replacement

    After a year of searching for the right surgeon to perform my hip surgery, I found Dr. David Dodgin in Walnut Creek, CA. He performed bilateral anterior hip replacement for me in June 2006. I was back at work within a month and driving safely in seven weeks. Even though I now live in Delaware and Dr. Dodgin practices in Texas, he continues to do periodic check-ups of my hips at my request. I won't go to anybody else. My "new" hips have served me VERY WELL in every way. I hike, climb, walk, exerc...
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    Awesome doctor

    My original surgeon was out of town when I had an emergency with my double knee replacements. Dr Dodgin was covering for him. He couldn't have been kinder and more professional if he'd tried. He spoke to me while I was at the emergency room, got me moved and admitted to the correct hopsital, followed my progress over the hours it took to get me to the right place and admitted to my own room. It was 1 am by then but he was the last person I talked to that night, the first person I met in the ...
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    Please stay away from Dr. David Dodgin for your own good

    This doctor works for "Orthopaedic Specialists of Austin" I visited Dr David Dodgin for a pelvic fracture. He made me wait for 3.5 hours. Yes I repeat 3.5 Hours for his appointment. I was almost ready to leave in tears. I arrived at 8 AM. Checked-in and X-RAYed, done by 8:30 AM. He came in to see me in the patient room 1.5 hours later, at 10:00 AM. Just spoke for 5 mins, asked me to narrate my situation. He looked constantly at the door as if waiting for someone to come in. He left at 10:05...

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