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    The Soccer Doctor

    I went to see Dr Shafi after I read that he was the team doctor for the Miami Fusion professional soccer team. My ankle had been bothering me and I was not ever able to get it back to 100% until I met Dr Shafi. My primary doctor prescribed motrin and just told me to stop playing soccer, which is not an option for me. Dr Shafi, after thorough exam and discussion, injected my ankle and put me in physical therapy for some rehabilitation of my inflamed tendon. Within 2 days the pain was much bet
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    The best sports medicine doctor in town

    Dr. Shafi has been seeing me for my hip and low back pain for years. I fractured my pelvis and hip, had wrist pain, tennis elbow (even though I don't play tennis), trigger fingers that he has injected, heel pain/plantar fasciitis that he has treated, knee arthritis in both knees from many years of running, and have disc herniations in my low back that he has treated me for. Not only is he a great doctor when it comes to orthopedics, he is genuinely a sincere and concerned physician. He has treated my husband as well over the last 8 years. I couldn't be happier with the service he has provided for my husband and I. I hope he reads this too. Sometimes we take good people for granted, and I want to publicly say 'Thank you' for always being there for me and treating me like I am sure you would want to be treated as a patient, and as a human being.
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    Awsome Doctor!

    I woke up one morning with horrible pain around my right shoulder and could not even turn my neck. I went to see Dr. Shafi based on his reputation in the community. I called the next day and immediately got the next available appointment within 24 hours of my call. I was really nervous at first but Dr. Shafi was so genuine and made me feel extremely comfortable. He is such a natural that I did not even feel any pain from my injection. I was very pleased with his ability to communicate effectively and present my options to me, and I am feeling 100% better now. I definitely would recommend this doctor for his great bedside manner and great credentials as well.
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    One of the best!

    Consciencious, takes his time, and always asks if i have any more questions before our visit is done. I havent met a doctor in a long time that takes the time to listen and examine and explain what he is doing, why, and how he is going to treat my orthopedic problems.
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    Dr Naveed Shafi

    I feel so much better after only a few appointments with Dr Shafi treating me. He also gave me great advice how to avoid re-aggravating my sports injury.

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